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With more than 10 years of experience, Afra Sanat Asia Holding operates in the field of production, import and supply of all kinds of sleep goods such as luxury bed sheets, sheets, pillows, mattresses and all kinds of hotel and hospital services.

Now, with years of experience and relying on the experience of cooperation with famous brands such as Mahan Hotels Group, Almas Novin Hotel, Arman Hotel Mashhad, Pardisan Hotel Mashhad, etc., it is ready to accompany you, dear guests.

Our approach to provide quality services to you, dear companions, is to provide quality products using the best raw materials and to employ an experienced and capable team, as well as to eliminate middlemen.

Our motto is to provide quality product at reasonable price and we have made all our efforts to realize it.

A part of the resume of Afra Sanat Negin Asia specialized hotel textile company (Mahdizadeh Trading) is as follows:

  • Mahan Hotel Group
  • Al Zahra Banquet Hotel
  • Razavieh Hotel
  • Al Ghadeer Hotel
  • Madaan Hotel
  • Taraj Hotel (Kish)
  • Iran Hotel (Kish)
  • Azin Hotel (Gorgan)
  • Diamond Hotel (Qeshm)
  • Bushra Hotel and…
  • Melorin Apartment Hotel
  • Fars Apartment Hotel and…
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